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How an ODR
Platform Works

An Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) platform is a digital platform that facilitates the resolution of disputes between parties through online means. It's important to note that the specific features and steps involved in an ODR platform can vary depending on the platform provider and the jurisdiction in which it operates. Different platforms may have different interfaces, methods of communication, and dispute resolution mechanisms.

About Susamvaad

Welcome to Susamvaad Dispute Resolution

“Susamvaad Dispute Resolution Centre” aims to simplify disputes and conflicts efficiently. We convert disputes into amicable settlement, in less time and cost through secure, confidential and convenient resolution. Our services can be availed from anywhere remotely with the team of skilled &trained professionals. You will receive impartial, fair, just, quick enforceable legal resolution.

Our team is having unique experience in litigation & Dispute resolution which is enthusiastic to work for dispute free environment with easy access to justice in a way of digital transformation. Founder of this centre Nilmani Gandhi Advocate Mediator Arbitrator, is a member of Association of Mediation Practitioner.

Who Can Reach Us?

All of you, who are facing disputes with or within:

1. Personal relationships: Matrimonial, family property etc.

2. Businesses: Corporate, commercial, contractual

3. Banks and financial institutions: Mortgage, agreements, Loan recovery etc.

4. Industries: labour-employer relationships, tender, contracts, agreements, management

5. Land acquisition

6. Motor accident


Susamvaad is Online Dispute Resolution Platform and the Alternate dispute Resolution process which is faster, less expensive, confidential, satisfactory and as per your requirement of final justice.

The process is more convenient, speedy, cost efficient in order to negotiate, Mediate, Arbitrate or otherwise resolve existing dispute.

Give final, enforceable, legal solution.

To get justice from a regular court takes long time say about 17 years or more in an average, where access to justice becomes costly, complicated and slow resulting into denial of justice. Getting justice through regular process of court is always painful and uncertain.

To avoid these pains we have Certain – expert mechanism to resolve your dispute fast.

Resolving dispute is tough and difficult, especially Matrimonial. That too time consuming through court litigation

We have solution to this tough situation. To save litigant’s pain, time and money we offer our services to

Create a binding enforceable resolution.

Happy Resolution Agreement – Faster, Cost effective, easier and legal.

“Susamvaad” Alternate Dispute Resolution

“Susamvaad” Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) – Mediation and Arbitration Resolve Dispute out of Court with ease of convenience from anywhere & everywhere: To save money, energy, and time To create your own resolution effectively To be part of your own judgement To keep your information confidential All this through empaneled mediators and arbitrators.




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Way to settle the dispute outside Court combining modern technology and Authentic Online Mediation - ADR Mechanism..

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